Twenty-fifth anniversary of GraceKennedy Ontario

The “Essence of Grace” hosted by GraceKennedy to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company in Ontario. The event was attended by 400 guests comprised of GraceKennedy’s international VIP’s industry partners, local celebrities, other business stakeholders, employees and communities.

All elements of the event and program captured the ‘essence’ of this Caribbean giant whose footprint is growing steadily globally. It was an unprecedented culinary collaboration between GraceKennedy Ontario and Centennial College, Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture, as well as a celebration benefitting a silver anniversary. Celebrity Chef, Selwyn Richards from “The Art of Catering” will also showcase exotic dishes from the Caribbean.

GraceKennedy is one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic corporate entities. The company started in Jamaica in 1922 as a small trading establishment and wharf founders. Today, the GraceKennedy group comprises a varied network of some 60 subsidiaries and associated companies located across the Caribbean and in North and Central America and the United Kingdom.


Operations span the food distribution, financial insurance remittance hardware retailing and food processing industries. GraceKennedy’s mission continues to be “To satisfy the unmet needs of Caribbean people wherever we live in the world”. Guests will be treated with a delicious cuisine.