State of the art ‘Arjuna Ranatunga Cricket Academy’ slated for Toronto

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Arjuna Ranatunga.

Arjuna Ranatunga.

First of its kind with a combination of a “Super Star” and a “State of the Art” indoor cricket facility in Canada.
Arjuna Ranatunga has accepted an invitation by “Sorkkam Indoor Cricket Nets” to set up “Arjuna Ranatung Cricket Academy” right here in Scarborough. The academy will commence in September of 2014 with a team of dedicated resident coaches on full time basis.

The facility at 2050, Ellesmere Road, has a complete combination of “one stop shop”, A restaurant, Pro shop, Satellite TV with live cricket channels, locker rooms and ample washrooms and parking to accommodate hundreds of students.

Ranatunga will be in Toronto to finalize the blue print at the end of June 2014. Sorkkam has scheduled a “Fund Raiser Golf Tournament” on Friday, June 27th at Richmond Hill Golf & Country Club, Richmond Hill, Ontario. All participants will get to enjoy a day with Arjuna at the golf course and thereafter dinner at the club house with presentation of prizes.
He will also be conducting “Cricket Clinics” on Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th for juniors, seniors and adults at Sorkkam Indoor-nets. All Clinics are by appointment only and are on “first come first serve basis” Please call 416 289 1915 or 647 897 5706 to make your booking.

Academy Age Groups

Just like any other sport it’s imperative to “start early” to create muscle growth and strength in the human body. However, this must be carefully introduced at ages starting from 9 years or may be even early in some cases depending on the physical structure of a child.

Age Groups Vs Seasoned Players

All students must be carefully examined before you group them, this means getting the right level of coaching to individual student. A new student may have played some cricket or a lot of cricket, all that will be taken in to consideration and the goal is to take his game to the next level. For beginners on the other hand age grouping is the best start, following are the age groups 9yrs-11yrs, 12yrs-14yrs, 15yrs-17yrs and 18 and over.

Academy and Competition

The academy after a successful first year of training will create teams in every age group in separate divisions and compete in respective leagues in 2015. This is a special program to create mental toughness in junior players from early ages. All teams will wear academy uniforms and carry academy flag with their respective coaches and managers. It’s imperative to create structure in any team sport, so that players will learn to abide by rules and discipline from early young ages.

Private lessons and coaching for teams There is always room to improve your game, let it be batting, bowling or keeping; how much time do you put in; is the key to taking a quality game to the field. The academy will be at hand to those who seek “One on One” lessons and teams who seek “Private Clinics”. For teams that need to improve on a specific area, let it be batting, bowling, keeping or fielding there will be a coach who can identify strengths and weaknesses and guide accordingly. Once this is in place, they can only get better.

Long Term Goals

Ranatunga is already on the drawing board, sketching up his road map to success with his academy. He will apply all the techniques that he has used to be the “Best amongst the Best”. One of the unique benefits that any student can take away is the scholarships designed for top performers at the academy, there will be many of these if need be. These scholarships will also create the cream of future Canadian Cricket training alongside international players of top order.

For all your inquiries please contact Anil Perera at 416 289 1915, 647 897 5706 (mobile), email: