Sri Lanka judiciary upheld the law: Canada’s Foreign Minister

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland


Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister commended Sri Lanka’s judiciary for ending ‘unconstitutional actions’ during a seven-week political crisis triggered by President Sirisena.

“Sri Lanka’s judiciary has upheld the rule of law, bringing an end to the unconstitutional actions which undermined Sri Lanka’s democracy,” said Minister Freeland.

“The government must seize this moment and deliver on accountability, constitutional reform and reconciliation for the people of Sri Lanka,” she added.

Sirisena was forced to reinstate Wickremasinghe on Sunday.

In landmark decisions last week, Sri Lanka’s supreme court unanimously ruled President Sirisena violated the constitution when he sacked parliament.

Later, the supreme court upheld an interim decision suspending the functions of purported prime minister Mahinda Rajapakse and cabinet, appointed by Sirisena on Oct. 26.

Rajapakse’s third bid for the premiership island nation since he lost the presidency in 2015 abruptly ended with his resignation.
President Sirisena’s crisis led to downgrading of Sri Lanka’s credit rating, capital outflow and foreign travel advisories ahead of the peak tourism season.

After a string on defeats in parliamentary motions and court rulings, Sirisena reluctantly reappointed Wickremasinghe as Prime Minister.

Sirisena had earlier said he would never reappoint Wickremasinghe and vowed quit the presidency instead.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, President Sirisena had an outburst for 40 minutes during a meeting with Prime Minister Wickremasinghe and UNP MPs.

The carefully orchestrated speech saw the President rant and attack the UNP, which was live-broadcast with multiple camera angles.