Sri Lanka Independence Day celebrations in Toronto


Sri Lankan expatriates were joined by well-wishers in Toronto to commemorate the 76th Independence Day of Sri Lanka with a vibrant cultural extravaganza. The event, held at the Toronto Pavilion, showcased the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Sri Lanka through captivating performances.

Multicultural identity

Consul General Thushara Rodrigo, in his address, emphasized the significance of the event in highlighting Sri Lanka’s multicultural identity. “This event is an effort to glance on our unique multicultural heritage of Sri Lanka. All these performances reflect the spirit of the strong cultural foundation of our nation, the development we had, the unity and happiness we enjoyed generation by generation,” remarked Mr. Rodrigo.


Pictures by Sanjeewa Marasinghe for

Highlighting the resilience of the Sri Lankan people throughout history, Mr. Rodrigo underscored the importance of cultural heritage in uniting communities and fostering national cohesion. “The strong cultural foundation and the cultural heritage of the country will keep all the physical and spiritual forces together,” he added.

Reflecting on challenges

Moreover, Mr. Rodrigo used the occasion to reflect on the challenges faced by Sri Lanka. “At the same time, this celebration is used to recall the memories of our lost pride and the historical unhealthy policy turns taken at political, socio-economic, and cultural spheres. It will influence us to come up with necessary socio-economic and political reforms compatible with regional and global development in the 21st century,” he stated.