Small business in rent crisis – Mayor

Mayor John Tory urges provincial and federal governments to help save small businesses from evictions.

Toronto’s Mayor urged his provincial and federal counter parts to help save small businesses from failing as they struggle to pay rent during the Covid-19 “nightmare.”

“One of the most frequent requests for help I get comes from small business tenants. They are scared they can’t hang on and the rent that is payable is one of the biggest factors,” he said in a video circulated to media.

Mayor Tory wants solution for small business rent

I am calling for a team effort to help them get through this crisis. Landlords, please sit down and work something out with your small business tenants. Maybe no rent now and spread a payment or two out over the period after the crisis.”

The mayor said the cities efforts alone was not enough to address the issue.

“The City has deferred payment of commercial taxes and utilities for 60 days to allow time to work some of this out. I believe the province should ban evictions of these small businesses during the crisis as they have done for residential tenants. And the federal government could look at backstopping landlords who help,” he added.

“A team effort will help the shops and restaurants we love to survive and to be back in business with all the jobs they create as soon as this nightmare is over.”