Remitware Payments – Canadian Fintech Startup comes to the aid of the flood affected in Sri Lanka


Remitware Payments is a Canadian Fintech startup on the forefront of revolution sweeping the cross-border payments domain. It’s “Remitr Money Transfer” app allows International remittances to various countries, including Sri Lanka, enabling migrant communities in Canada to send money to their family using the mobile app. Remitr’s technology enables it to provide excellent exchange rates throughout day and night.

Remitr has been delighted to be able to serve its customers with its 24×7 online money transfer and customer support, the hallmark of its online app based service. Customers are able to avoid time consuming trips to money transfer outlets and achieve substantial savings with Remitr’s live and locked-in rates.

Remitr recognizes the importance of family well-being. The recent floods in Sri Lanka have reportedly affected more than half-a-million apart from several deaths. As a gesture of solidarity with the flood-affected people in Sri Lanka, Remitr has undertaken an initiative to contribute to flood relief aid in cooperation with the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Toronto.

As part of the flood relief initiative, Remitr will contribute $10 to the flood relief, for every remittance to Sri Lanka during June and July done through Remitr. As an added benefit Remitr has waived off transfer fees (normally $4) for all transfers to Sri Lanka.


Mr U L Mohammed Jauhar Consul General of Sri Lanka in Toronto welcomed the efforts of and said “I wish to commend the noble intention of the Remitware Payments Canada Inc. and their actions in this regard.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Kanchan Kumar – CEO of Remitr said “Significant efforts are required from the global community in order to respond to natural calamities that affect the lives of thousands at this scale. While our efforts may be relatively small compared to what is needed, we are with the Sri Lankan community. This is also an indication of how technology can not only reduce cost but also pass on the benefits to those in need.”