PM Justin Trudeau attends Tamil Fest

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Gary Anandasangaree Member of Parliament for Scarborough Rouge at last year's Tamil Fest celebrations in Toronto last year. (PMO Handout for


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the third annual Tamil Fest street festival in Toronto. He was accompanied by other dignitaries including Member of Parliament Gary Anadasangaree, who is of Sri Lankan Tamil origin.

Prime Minister Trudeau attends TamilFest in Scarborough. 

Trudeau was no stranger to Tamil Fest, he was on hand for the inaugural event a few months before the 2015 election.
Tamil Fest 2017 is the largest Tamil street festival of its kind outside of the Indian subcontinent. The two-day festival was expected to draw 200,000 thousand people from across North America.


The street festival is organized in Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) as a unique platform to showcase and exhibit traditional and modern Tamil culture, cuisine, arts and entertainment.

VIDEO – Ontario Premier`s message for Tamil Fest.

Guests were treated to hours of entertainment, food stalls, and children’s activities.
One of two original life boats used in 1986 by 155 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees to arrive in Canada was on display. Thirty years ago, the refugees were abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean by the cargo ship they were travelling in, without food or water.

After three days, Canadian fishing boat captain Gus Dalton rescued the refugees after he sighted their flares.