Piragal Thiru a ‘long-time Liberal activist’ says Premier

Piragal Thiru won the Liberal nomination for Scarborough Rouge River

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne  congratulated Liberals on their nomination in Scarborough Rouge River, describing the winner, Piragal Thiru as a “long-time Liberal activist and municipal planning professional”. The Premier said six impressive individuals participated in the nomination bid that drew nearly 5,000 members.

“On Sunday members of the Ontario Liberal Party nominated Piragal Thiru. Piragal is a long-time Liberal activist and municipal planning professional. An avid community volunteer, Piragal has also served on the committees of United Way Toronto and York Region, the Rouge Valley Health System Foundation, and the Board of Directors for the Canadian Tamil Congress,” Wynne said in a statement to Lankareporter.

“Piragal will be a strong voice for the people of Scarborough-Rouge River and will make a great addition to our team at Queen’s Park.

I was also very pleased that we had six impressive individuals, from across the political spectrum, compete in an open nomination to represent our Party and almost 5,000 Liberal members participated in the process.


I want to thank everyone who came out and supported a candidate and I also want to thank each of the candidates for putting their names forward.”