Nilushi Kariyawasam’s online platform helps university students overcome challenges

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From Mahesh Abeyewardene

Sri Lankan Canadian Nilushi Kariyawasam founded an online platform that provides guidance and clarity to overcome challenges in pursuit of their degrees.

Mississauga’s Nilushi Kariyawasam, Founder of The School of Mind-Blowing Success Inc.officially launched an online educational platform at that’s specifically designed for university and college students to succeed through their degrees, according to press release.

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“We’re thrilled that we’ve been recognized for our efforts to inspire and help hundreds of thousands of students across seas, borders and continents,” said Nilushi Kariyawasam, Founder, The School of Mind-BlowingSuccess Inc.

International Recognition

In their first year alone, up to 14% of students drop-out of universities and colleges in Canada. These are students that are remarkably talented, however many times lack the clarity and guidance they need to persevere through academic adversities in their degrees. As a result, they quit and drop-out on their entire experience. It’s of the utmost importance to bring them the critical insights they need to continue pushing ahead.

“Our efforts have caught the interest of top CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors around the world. At the end of February 2018, I will be flying out to Johannesburg, South Africa where I have been invited to be interviewed by multi-millionaire JT Foxx about our efforts and global impact,” Kariyawasam mentioned said.

The company says it has helped over 127,850 professionals and students since 2017.

The platform shares access to in-depth and comprehensive articles, videos and audios in both English and Spanish to help students excel through their degrees.