Mrs. Sriya Perera passes away

January 20th 1929 to December 2nd 2018

The Perera family would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all the love shared with us during the passing of our beloved mother, Mrs. Sriya Perera (nee Mendis) at 89 years old. Our Mother’s Celebration of Life was a beautiful event due to your love and support.

We were touched and humbled to see so many friends and family attend to remember her life.

With husband and seven children.

Thank you to all the nurses, doctors and staff at Seven Oaks for taking such great care of our mother during her last years.

We were blessed to have her as a mother who was very simple and down to earth. She took care of us and taught us the value of being good people in life.

Mrs. Sriya Perera raised seven children, Mahes, Mohan, Ramane, Rohan, Nilesh, Shirani and Indica.

She leaves behind her own sister, Sisira, and brother, Calvin, as well as many in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We miss her dearly and we hope and pray for our mother to attain supreme bliss of Nibbana. (Perera Family)