Humble hero an ‘inspiration’ to community

Mayor of Pickering honours local hero Aeron.

Aeron Soosaipillai honored by Pickering mayor

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan honoured Sri Lankan Canadian Aeron Soosaipillai for his selfless acting of saving a man in crisis on railway bridge in Toronto.

“I was happy to have finally had the chance to meet Aeron Soosaipillai, City of Pickering’s newest hero. Aeron helped save a life earlier in the spring when he helped out a distraught man on the GO Transit line,” said the Mayor.

“His heroism is an inspiration to all in the community.”


From behind the railing at the Scarborough GO railway station last month, Soosaipillai acted.

A man in crisis appeared to be ready to jump off the bridge.

Soosaipillai kept talking to the visibly distraught man.

The man handed Soosaipillai his son’s baby shoe

“I told him about my problems. I said we can get through this together,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. By that point, police had started closing off the road below.