First-ever Sri Lankan Multi-Community Ramadhan Eid celebration in Canada

Welcome address by Ifthikar Hassen, SMFC trustee

The inaugural Sri Lankan multi community Ramadhan Eid celebration dinner was held recently at Grand Cinnamon Banquet Hall (Chandni) in Scarborough. Over 250 guests from a cross section of all communities and faiths from the Sri Lankan diaspora in Canada attended this event.

Address ULM Jauhar Consul General of Sri Lanka.

The Consul General for Sri Lanka Mr. U.L.M. Jauhar addressed the gathering and stressed upon the importance of inter community engagement and fellowship. The event itself was a great success as the Sailan Muslim Foundation of Canada who hosted the event brought together speakers of diverse interests and civic engagement including academics to talk about pluralism and the importance of unity and co-existence.

Sheikh Musleh Khan Lecturer and Guidance Counselor


There was also an exhibition of banners depicting the heritage of Sri Lankan Muslims and their origins to inform the attendees on the cultural heritage of Sri Lankan Muslims. The welcome address by Sailan trustees highlighted the role of knowing and understanding each other in order to repel misconceptions and prejudices and pave the way for inter communal interaction and joint efforts to promote harmony.

Sr. Barbara Helms, Chaplain Canadian Armed Forces

The event ended with a grand spread of Sri Lankan culinary delights which was well appreciated by the guests and a mutual sense of goodwill among the various Sri Lankan communities. Sailan Muslim Foundation hopes that this will be the first of many inter-community gatherings celebrating the various religious -cultural festivals in Sri Lankan and that it will foster fellowship and understanding and mutual cooperation among them.

Prof. Nauman Ashraf, Rotmans Business School of U of T

Vote of thanks by A.G.A. Barrie SMFC Trustee.

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