Controversial article disputed as ‘defamatory’

Lawyer Meleni David

A controversial article in a mainstream newspaper in Canada written about the Law Offices of Meleni David was being challenged legally as defamatory.

The Toronto Star has since placed a notice above the article on its website.

“Note: This article is subject to legal complaint by MVD Law Professional Corporation,” reads above the opening paragraph of the article.

Several members of the community have expressed concern over the article involving the Law Office of Meleni David, about an ongoing litigation. Although the allegations are still unproved , the tenor of this article is incriminatory and is damaging this firm’s reputation.


There is ample reasons to believe that the motive behind this article is that of mudslinging and of tarnishing the image. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) filed this case almost 2 years back based on an allegation, not having given any evidence thus far. The Litigants could not make any progress to date with these allegations in the courts system. If so, this begs the question as to why this article was published now, almost two years after the claim was issued.

Recent Information Missing

The article quotes liberally all the allegations in the statement of claim by TTC against the Law office of Meleni David, but make no reference to the recent court proceedings, where the court mentions the Law Office of Meleni David as “ a respected law firm” and have ordered TTC to provide the evidence against the Law Office of Meleni David, which the TTC has refused to provide to date.

This recent court decision came out on May 2, 2018, and TTC has appealed this decision. This important fact was “conveniently” unreported in the article of Toronto Star which came out on May 30, 2018.

Publishing this article, in an untimely manner, with distorted and willfully omitted facts, gives rise to suspect only one thing: It is a malicious campaign carried against this law office to discredit and tarnish its name and image among the public for unethical reasons.

Mainstream Law firms who held the industry under their iron grip were beyond the reach for any aspiring Lawyers from the migrant community to join them, gain experience and establish a competitive and successful practice.
The Law Office of Meleni David passed many hurdles and faced enormous challenges in the Industry, of course with the strong support of our community, to establish itself as being a Professional, Personal Injury Law Firm, in par with the Mainstream Firms. This phenomenal achievement inevitably caused an eyesore to many in the industry. Unfortunately, some in the mainstream media, who deliberately deviated from the policy of ethical reporting, has omitted many facts in this article with the objective of undermining the reputation of this Law Firm.

Meleni David is a well-respected professional in the community. She has spent several years actively serving the community and building positive relationships, not only in her profession but also in regards to her philanthropic efforts.
Meleni David has received many prestigious awards throughout the course of her career for both her professional and charitable contributions, with recognition from various organizations including the Ethnic Press and Media Counsel award by Lieutenant Governor of Canada for Social Service (2013). Ms. David is also an active benefactor towards various social and medical causes — such as the Sick Kids Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Yonge Street Mission, and Canadian Red Cross, to name a few.

Meleni David’s determination and her will to establish herself and the reputation of her firm is admirable. She is one of Toronto’s leading Personal Injury lawyers and an inspiration to all, especially young women across all communities.
Meleni David is an outstanding lawyer and a humanitarian, respected not only among the South Asian community, but the Canadian society as a whole.