Gold and Silver coins by CIBC for Diwali

CIBC Gold Coins for Diwali

Just in time for Diwali, CIBC is once again exclusively offering Canadians limited edition unique festive Gold and Silver coins to commemorate this year’s celebration. CIBC is the only bank in Canada to offer these unique Diwali coins.

This year, CIBC is offering two exclusive coin designs: Diwali Lakshmi and Diwali Khanda. The Diwali Lakshmi coins are unique as they have Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on one side and Om on the other side. CIBC offers this design in both a 1oz 99.99% pure (24 karat) Gold coin, and a 1oz 99.99% pure Silver coin; the 1oz silver coin is prized at $54.95.

 In addition to the Diwali Lakshmi coin, CIBC’s Diwali Khanda coins are designed with the Khanda on one side and the IK Onkar on the other side. This design is available in a 10g 99.99% (24 karat) pure Gold coin, and a 1oz 99.99% pure Silver coin. The silver Diwali Khanda coin is $59.99.

All of the Diwali coins are packaged in a beautiful black box with an attractive red cover in celebration of Diwali. In addition to our medallions, enjoy CIBC’s competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion bars and coins. All of our products are of the highest industry standard; pure gold (24-karat) and pure silver at 99.99%.



They are a gift to give during the Diwali season; great for family and friends of all ages. In addition to being a thoughtful gift, the coins can be a timely investment option. Over the past 10 years gold has provided positive returns.

Precious Metals purchases are tax exempt in Ontario, and therefore, HST is not payable on the purchase of any CIBC Gold and Silver coins.

Diwali and bullion products are available to order at any CIBC Banking Centre or online at for free and secure delivery to your home or to your closest CIBC Banking Centre. Place your order by October 11th so that you can receive the coins by October 19th (Diwali)*.

This year, CIBC is gifting one lucky client with a 1 oz Gold Diwali coin**. Any precious metals purchase made between October 1st to October 31st will automatically enter a client into the contest.

We have also stocked select Banking Centres with a limited supply to offer you the ability to pick up your medallion when you purchase it. Please call the banking centre in advance to ensure availability.

The coins are highly popular, and we have sold out in previous years! Coins are only available while supplies last.

Thank you and Happy Diwali!