Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka meets CTCC


In a bid to explore and promote investment opportunities in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka, Eric Walsh, Canada’s High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, recently met with members of the Canadian Tamils’ Chamber of Commerce (CTCC). The meeting, included a panel discussion titled “Responsibly Revitalising Homeland Economies” on January 24, provided a platform for discussions on economic development and responsible business practices.

During the panel discussion, President Murali Sivaguru welcomed attendees, setting the stage for an evening of insights and opportunities. Kumaran Nadesan, Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman of 369 Global, introduced the event, paving the way for a series of engaging discussions.

Ambassador Walsh, taking center stage, shared valuable information with the audience. Among the key highlights of his presentation were insights into successful companies operating in the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. These success stories aimed to inspire and provide a deeper understanding of the economic landscape in the region.


The High Commissioner also touched upon crucial topics such as strategic partnerships, emphasizing their importance for successful business ventures. He shed light on the significant dollar values of imports to Canada from Sri Lanka and other countries, offering attendees valuable insights into international trade dynamics.

A major focus of the discussion centered around Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) and the advocacy for ethical practices in trade and investment. Ambassador Walsh stressed the need for reforms and measures to combat corruption and bribery, fostering a transparent business environment.

The event included a comprehensive analysis of the risks associated with investments, empowering CTCC members with informed decision-making tools. In a delightful moment, Ambassador Walsh expressed his joy at seeing Concentrated Coconut Milk from Sri Lanka in Canadian supermarkets, highlighting the positive impact of global trade efforts.

The panel discussion concluded with a dynamic question and answer period, skillfully moderated by Vithu Ramachandran, Executive Vice President of the Canadian Tamils Chamber of Commerce. This interactive exchange of ideas further enriched the experience for all participants, fostering a collaborative environment between the Canadian High Commissioner and the CTCC in exploring investment opportunities for sustainable economic growth in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka.