$50,000 raised for Trillium Health Partners Foundation Mississauga

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization committed to improving the lives of vulnerable seniors recently donated a cheque of $ 50,000 to Trillium Health Partners Foundation to build a resuscitation unit for seniors within the new ER complex of the Credit Valley Hospital.

This room will benefit mostly seniors who are admitted to the ER and require urgent life saving intervention. TREWO has been working with the Falls Prevention Program of THPF and will take up the next challenge to promote educational materials specifically designed to educate the community in different languages about how devastating and often catastrophic falls can be prevented in the entire population but specifically target the most high risk group which are senior citizens. TREWO will hold its Annual Women’s conference on September 23rd, 2018 and its major fundraising Gala on Nov 03rd this year.

TREWO supports several mental health programs in the GTA and a senior’s home in Tamil Nadu for 30 poverty stricken seniors. The organization has a dedicated group of volunteers who work hard to meet targets and objectives and is motivated to help other Organizations as well to create healthy communities through education, empowerment and advocacy.
Please visit TREWOs website for more information – www.trewo.org


(Sudi Devanesen C.M. MD CCFPC MCLSC FCFPC LM , President)